In this issue (August 16, 2021-August 22, 2021): IDCM launched IETM for the first time, and it skyrocketed to nearly 10 times; IDCM issued an announcement on vulnerabilities and security suggestions feedback reward mechanism. The following are the details of our work this week .

Listing operation: ETM was launched for the first time, and it soared.

This week, we launched ETM for the first time.

On August 16, Hong Kong time, we officially opened ETM (Ethersmart) deposits, withdrawals and trading. Once the first online ETM/USDT trading pair was opened, the price rose all the way by more than 10 times.

Through the K-line chart, we can see that the opening price of ETM is 40 USDT. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, ETM short-term stretched to 300 USDT and topped to 467.01 USDT. At present, ETM is stably maintained in the 350-400 USDT range.

Picture | ETM prices and trading quotations

IDCM is good at mining high-quality projects with new concepts. According to statistics, in the past six months, we have launched more than 10 new concept projects such as DeFi and NFT, such as the ETM launched this time, and the previous BIZA, BGM, HLM, AGBTS, OMT, etc. These projects cover liquidity mining, oracle, DEX and other subdivisions. In the past three months, some of these high-quality projects have been launched from several times to more than ten times in succession.

Why are the projects on IDCM soaring one after another? This is not accidental.

The reason why IDCM’s first-launch projects have been able to achieve rapid growth is that on the one hand, it is due to the industry explosion caused by the improvement of DeFi, NFT and other fields. See the market trend and tap the operating philosophy of potential projects.

For example, looking back at the entire DeFi market in 2020, we have completed the improvement of infrastructure such as liquidity provision, synthetic assets, and oracles, making it highly operable. Thanks to this, it has ignited the explosion of three vertical ecosystems under the current DeFi concept: DEX, synthetic assets, and mortgage plus leverage.

From the end of 2020 to the present, IDCM has upgraded and polished products such as exchange alliances and contract trading, while exploring potential projects in concepts such as DeFi.

From the timeline, whether it is ETM or the previous DeFi concept large-flow currency OMT, IDCM is almost the first to support these projects and launch them online.

In mid-March of this year, IDCM completed the upgrade of its trading system, greatly optimising factors such as handicap spreads, transaction depth, and matching efficiency; the new version of IDCM’s contract system was launched in early August this year after two and a half years of polishing.

Market flow and capital are migrating to new concepts such as DeFi and NFT, seeing the trend clearly and tapping potential projects in the trend, and concentrating on polishing trading products. These are the core factors for IDCM’s good performance in this market. This is completely It is in line with IDCM’s stable operation style.

Product progress: The feedback and reward mechanism for vulnerabilities and security suggestions is officially released.

In order to mobilise the power of the world’s top technical community and maximise IDCM’s security system, we released an IDCM vulnerability and security advice feedback reward mechanism announcement to incentivise any capable senior security personnel and platform users to provide IDCM with security advice and vulnerabilities analysis.

Announcement details:

Users or other security personnel can contact our customer service if they find any bugs while using IDCM PC or App. Once the latest feedback is received, we will immediately arrange for security personnel to conduct a verification review, rate the feedback information, and provide corresponding rewards based on the severity of the suggestions or vulnerabilities. The maximum reward can reach 5000 USDT.

Picture  | Reward level description

This event is valid for a long time, and everyone is welcome to find faults.

Operational data: transaction users performed well

This week, our trading users performed extremely well. Operational statistics show that during the cycle, IDCM issued 56,300 buy orders and 55,000 sell orders, with a transaction volume exceeding RMB 11 billion.

Picture | Related transaction data displayed in the background

IDCM, as an exchange that places great importance on community-based operations, we hope that it can truly help the community. For example, our long-term “trading rebate” and “group elite” programs are hoping to bring more benefits to community users.

In the former, after each IDCM registered user invites others to register and conduct currency transactions, the exchange will return the high transaction fee income to the inviter as a commission; and the “group elite” program, our active trading users , The more transactions, the more rebates, which has a positive effect on both parties.

The above is the main content of IDCM’s recent work. For more content, please follow our official website, public account, Twitter, Facebook and other media accounts to get our latest news in time, or communicate with our community users.

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