Mr. Junichiro Shiga, director of IDCM TAIWAN, has decided to send 1,000 free protective face masks to IDCM (Cookie) staff.

These days, the outbreak of novel coronavirus has raised everyone’s concern. In this phase, protective face masks, suits and products have been the resources in urgent need. More importantly, face masks have been an acute shortage or even sold out in many shops and pharmacies.

The outbreak of novel coronavirus does not spare any sensibilities, but which human beings retain. Under the circumstances, Mr. Junichiro Shiga, director of IDCM TAIWAN, has determined to send 1,000 free protective face masks to IDCM (Cookie) Staff.  

Reportedly, these masks will be sent from Japan to IDCM by way of Hong Kong, to ensure the safety and physical well-being of each employee at the production line.

IDCM TAIWAN is one of the alliance exchanges of IDCM, which officially came online on 2nd August, 2019.

Since IDCM TAIWAN came online, it has been constantly enhancing the cooperation with IDCM. On 8th August, IDCM authorized IDCM TAIWAN to be the sole legal agent in Japan, which is able to commence marketing and business cooperation of IDCM exchange (except for IDCM Alliance Japan Exchange) under the name of “IDCM TAIWAN”. Mr. Junichiro Shiga has also been invited to become the chief advisor of IDCM.

It is worth noting that, based on the mutual agreement, the operational business of IDCM TAIWAN is under the full charge of IDCM team as well. With the tremendous efforts of IDCM team, IDCM TAIWAN has made many gratifying results in terms of both the number of users and the brand influence.

As a Chinese saying goes, true sentiments are seen in hard times. IDCM really appreciates the concern and assistance from Mr. Junichiro Shiga and his team.

At the same time, IDCM exchange will continue to comply with the management and control of Chinese government. We will serve our clients and users to the utmost as usual while endeavoring to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.   


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