Last week, Cookie (IDCM) completed the training for IDCM ASIA, distributed all of the rewards of the activity for BETRA and designed and officially offered the Christmas emoji package of DD…… So, what did Cookie exchange do this week? Let’s review.


IDCM has been Listed on SOSOLX

IDCM exchange has reached strategic cooperation with and been listed on the market data platform SOSOLX ( IDCM expects that both parties can achieve a win-win situation during the cooperation. Users now can log in SOSOLX to check the real-time market data of IDCM exchange.

SOSOLX is a professional data provider in the field of the global cryptocurrency market, aiming to offer real-time, high-quality and reliable crypto market information and price data to a large number of institutions and investors. Through collecting and sorting out the crypto-related and trading data of global crypto exchanges, SOSOLX conducts multidimensional and comprehensive examination and analysis of these data and thereby spread the most valuable information to the users. We are unswerving from start to finish, “to exist for market data”!


Brand-new Pink Version of IDCM Website Comes Online

To better user experience, through one month of thoughtful planning, preparation and technical support, the brand-new pink version of IDCM website has officially come online. The optimized website presents a bolder and brighter visual effect, which is more user-friendly and thereby enables our users to have a better experience.

Additionally, following the concept of concision, beauty and magnificence, the optimized announcement center has also been changed from the previous black and pink version to the current white one. As a globally leading crypto trading platform, IDCM has always been optimizing the products based on our users’ needs by integrating more practical functions. It will also upgrade the digitalization, empower the intelligence experience and prioritize the user experience. Please feel free to tell and send us your invaluable feedback and advice!


IDCM has Signed a Strategic Cooperative Agreement with NECC

On 26th December, the project operator of NECC visited Cookie exchange. By the mutual communication and in-depth understanding, IDCM and NECC has officially signed a deal to confirm the strategic cooperation with each other.

  The project operator of NECC is a company that specially invests in the environmental protection, aiming to build a network constituting governments, enterprises and private organizations and take advantage of blockchain technology to protect the global environment. Through issuing the naturally ecological carbon token NECC, they hold a variety of campaigns associated with environmental protection, thereby helping everyone to achieve the reduction of at least one ton of greenhouse gases. In terms of the brand, technology and operational resources, without a doubt, IDCM is highly competitive in the industry. In this case, the cooperation between IDCM and NECC is bound to allow both parties to yield fruitful results.

The main content for this week is shown above. For more information, please follow our official website, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media to get the latest information.


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