Each of us has a different definition of “charity”. Some people think that charity refers to the rich’s repayment to the general public, while others opine that it is an annual social assignment for every enterprise. However, you may have already become a charity donor the moment you think of it.

With the development and innovation of blockchain technology, we have gradually realized that such an intangible technology can provide a fairer, more transparent and convenient solution to assisting and assigning the donation.  Largely, it may better put charity in practice. All the nodes acted by each of us and our thoughts of charity will be connected and thereby release immense power.

IDCM is a part of the blockchain industry. Since established, it has kept following the charity philosophy “Love has no Boundaries” and committed to participating in various charity events associated with social welfare, education, healthcare, recreation and environmental protection. As a chief sponsor of Yan Oi Tong, an established charity in Hong Kong, IDCM has always been empowering charity with practical actions and love.

1.  IDCM Assists Yan Oi Tong in Holding Charity Run

On 15th December, Cookie team assisted Yan Oi Tong in holding the activity “Yan Oi Tong – Popeye Charity Run”, aiming to raise funds for “Yan Oi Tong Sunshine Filling Station Plan (仁爱堂阳光加油站计划)”, thereby giving solicitude and assistance to one-parent families in need.

Reportedly, all of the registration fees from the participants in this activity would be used as donation. The running event contained three parts: 8000m individual race, 5000m individual race and 3000m individual race. In addition, 3000m parent-child race was added to the event. All of the participants could not only enjoy the running event, but also convert their actions into the power of love.

2. Move forward for Love to Light Marvelous Moment

IDCM does not just practically support charity once in a while. To review the past two years, Cookie team has always devoted to charity and counted it as an undertaking. This is the direction where IDCM will endeavor to keep moving. Therefore, Cookie team will be committed to moving forward to light these marvelous moments.

1) Jointly Establish “PHAB Community (健障互匡会)”, Visit Elderly Solo-dwellers

In 2018, Cookie actively participated in the plan “Pleased to Help the Weak and Old Group (乐助弱老)” by Yan Oi Tong and establishing “PHAB Community (健障互匡会)” jointly with a charity in Hong Kong. During last Christmas, some members of Cookie team played Santa Claus to visit hundreds of elderly solo-dwellers in Kowloon district of Hong Kong, and distributed free food and extended holiday greetings to them.

2) Sponsor the Activity “Yan Oi Tong Mid-autumn Flower-lantern Philanthropic Poon Choi Feast (仁爱堂中秋花灯慈善盆菜宴)”

With the successful experience gained from “PHAB Community (健障互匡会)”, IDCM team keeps paying attention to the weak and old group. Fortunately, because of Yan Oi Tong with the same will, IDCM has the opportunity to contribute to the brilliant philanthropic Poon Choi Feast.  Apart from the exquisite food, the “Elderly Loving Care Card Project (长者爱心卡计划)” was conducted during the campaign, in order for the card holders to enjoy a series of free services such as diet, healthcare, life care and social recreation provided by Yan Oi Tong.

With the increase of aging population, the number of elder solo-dwellers is remarkably rising as well. However, their actual needs are largely neglected. Therefore, Cookie team expects that the efforts spent can help the weak and old group as well as arouse more public concerns about these people. 

Following the philosophy “Man-oriented, All-embracing (以人为本、兼容并包)”, Cookie trading platform keeps going together with Yan Oi Tong to care for the underprivileged and being responsible for the development of social health. Moreover, in order to promote the harmonious development of our society, Cookie is also committed to empowering and organizing a series of charity events such as long-term carbon reduction, kind crowdfunding and trips to the polar region.

As the co-founder of Cookie trading platform and board director of Yan Oi Tong, Michael Zhao has always been enhancing the cooperation between IDCM and Yan Oi Tong in terms of charity, to pursue the economic development of the enterprise but also actively take the social responsibility. Apparently, Michael Zhao has deeply kept kindness in mind. Because of such enterprise philosophy and founding team, IDCM will keep moving forward and following the path of charity and commonweal, to put kindness into practice, empower charity with blockchain technology and safeguard healthcare.


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