Last week, Cookie (IDCM) listed the project JAC on the official website and started a grand airdrop campaign for it. Also, Cookie (IDCM) exchange was invited to attend the Newly Emerging Technological Innovation Exchange Meeting and has gained and shared a lot…So, what did Cookie (IDCM) do this week? Let’s review.


ASIA Alliance Training

IDCM has always been committed to providing more high-quality services. After IDCM ASIA was established, in order for IDCM ASIA to offer the same great services to the users, IDCM recently has completed a three-day highly comprehensive training for the representatives from IDCM ASIA, whose contents mainly covered four modules – business, marketing, operations and technology. Considering Cookie (IDCM) team has rich experience in operating crypto exchanges and marketing, as well as owns high-edge and secure data service technology, it is believed that the professional training will contribute a lot to the improvement of IDCM ASIA.


The Rewards for the Activity on BETRA have been Totally Distributed

Recently, the activity on BETRA held by Cookie (IDCM) has ended in a satisfactory way.

Because of a huge number of rewards given, our users were fully enthusiastic about attending the activity. There were more than ten thousand users participating in the activity, including 635 prized users, and 45,000 BETRA have been completely distributed to their accounts.

Congratulations to all of our prized users! For those who didn’t win the prize, don’t worry and be disappointed, since the activity on JAC for Christmas is still ongoing. Welcome to participate in the activity to win more rewards!


DD’s New Emojis Exclusively for Christmas Come Online

To welcome the upcoming Christmas, Cookie (IDCM) has not only held the activity on JAC, but also listed some new goods on Cookie Store. More importantly, we have also designed some new emojis for DD, which are shown as follows. Take them immediately to enjoy the Christmas and share the loveliest DD with your friends!

The main content for this week is shown above. For more information, please follow our official website, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media to get the latest information.


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