Last week, Cookie (IDCM) had been prepared to establish a new alliance exchange in the Philippines, and the official communities in Russia and Romania. Moreover, Cookie (IDCM) cooperated with Yan Oi Tong in Hong Kong to hold and empower the activity ‘Charity Run’……So, what did Cookie (IDCM) exchange do this week? Let’s review.


JAC Project is about to be Listed on IDCM

Cookie (IDCM) will list the high-quality project JAC on 16th December. JAC is the platform coin of IDCM Taiwan, aiming to spread the Japanese culture to the world.

JAC has a wide range of application scenarios. The user can pay various living expenses conveniently with JAC, such as watching paid anime, using JAC to purchase various genuine Japanese products related to animation. With IDCM Group’s promotion, apart from Cookie (IDCM) and IDCM Taiwan, JAC will be also listed on the other seven alliance exchanges in Australia, Europe, North America and Africa, to empower the real industry such as animation, etc.


Activities for Christmas, More than Ten Thousand JAC to be Given Away

​IDCM Taiwan is one of the alliance exchanges and strategic partners of Cookie (IDCM) exchange. To celebrate the listing of JAC on Cookie (IDCM) and IDCM Taiwan, both platforms will coordinate with JAC team to distribute more than ten thousand JAC to a large number of the users.

The activities will be held from 13th to 30th December, including Deposits Rewards, Registration and Trading Rewards, Trading Rankings Rewards, etc. Both the old and new users will have the opportunity to win these rewards. More importantly, the user can participate in these activities simultaneously. Welcome to join in to share the huge Christmas present. 

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Cookie (IDCM) is Ever-evolving to Put Various Projects into Practice

On 10th December, Catherine, who is the business manager of Cookie (IDCM) exchange and mainly responsible for Southeast Asian markets, was invited to attend the Digital Blockchain Summit in Macau, to communicate with a variety of executives in the industry and share the experience and achievements.

At the meeting, Catherine firstly did a comprehensive introduction of Cookie (IDCM) exchange, “IDCM (Cookie) is a globally well-known cryptocurrency trading platform as well as the originator and practitioner of the concept of alliance exchange. IDCM also holds cryptocurrency service licences in Malta, Vietnam, Macau and Australia. Additionally, IDCM is the only exchange that is designated within the Regulatory Sandbox by the Hong Kong SFC and holds Hong Kong licences Type 1, 4, 6 and 9.”

Moreover, “for the following significant strategic cooperation, IDCM will provide a professional, highly effective and open exchanges matching platform, to gradually put cryptocurrency into practice in various fields. At the same time, IDCM will continually keep the hardware and equipment updated and evolved, to collectively boost the development of the market”, Catherine said. 


Newly Emerging Technological Innovation Exchange Meeting in Shenzhen has Successfully Come to an End

On 12th December, Cookie (IDCM) attended the 14th Newly Emerging Technological Innovation Exchange Meeting in Shenzhen. There were more than 30 projects attending, all related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They are from various areas and had a fervent communication, including financial technology, the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing and information security, etc. Cookie (IDCM) also exchanged and learned the experience and technology in the industry, in order to understand the leading edge blockchain technology. Furthermore, Cookie (IDCM) would like to understand the demands of different fields so as to develop an ecosystem combining blockchain and industry as well as better empower the industry with blockchain technology. 

In addition, there was a high-quality seminar on the theme of “blockchain and cryptocurrency”. Many professionals, scholars and practitioners, such as Wang Hui (director of the management center of Shenzhen Software Park), Zhang Sheng (professor at the Tsinghua University), Xia Zonghua (initiator of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Blockchain Alliance), etc., were present at the seminar, to present their new ideas, discuss the future path and share the new achievements from the perspectives of blockchain technology system, policy trends, innovative applications, industry investment and so forth. For this seminar, Cookie (IDCM) has gained a lot and been more determined about the future path. It is believed that Cookie (IDCM) will further create a highly usable blockchain platform, popularize blockchain technology and promote the application of more high-quality projects.

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