Last week, Cookie (IDCM) officially announced the establishment of IDCM Asia and prepared for the listing of two great projects – NFCC and BETRA……So, what did Cookie (IDCM) do this week? Let’s review.


Official Listing of Two Great Projects – NECC and BETRA

Recently, two high-quality projects have been officially listed on Cookie (IDCM) international exchange.

NECC was initially offered on 26th November. NECC has scattered the CER trading market and activated CER. It has also reduced the emission of CER, thereby restraining the damage of extreme environmental situations and achieving the economic benefit of global companies.

At the same time, it is projected that BETRA will come online on Cookie (IDCM) on 2nd December and there will be an activity for participants to get loads of rewards. BETRA is an established blockchain college, mainly working on trading and having rich professional knowledge.


Two Grand Activities to Distribute Loads of Rewards

Cookie (IDCM) places much emphasis not only on the betterment of our projects and services, but also on our users, to give them some surprises and bonus regularly. So, what activities did Cookie (IDCM) hold this week to benefit our users? Let’s review.

Activity One: “Loads of Rewards and BETRA Worth Tens of Thousands of USDT are Waiting for You”

   On 2nd December, BETRA will be listed on Cookie (IDCM) exchange. An activity will be held to give away loads of rewards and BETRA worth tens of thousands of USDT. There are three ways to get rewards: the first one is based on the ranking of the trading volume of BETRA; the second one is based on the fixed position of BETRA; the last one is an activity to share 20,000 BETRA. More importantly, the user can participate in these three activities at the same time and the rewards can be accumulated. For more information, please click here:

Activity Two: “Roast” to Get Loads of Rewards

Cookie (IDCM) is an international trading platform paying pretty much attention to the user experience. Over the past two years, it has been constantly improving the quality of services. This time, Cookie (IDCM) has prepared great rewards to hold an activity for our users to voice whatever they want the platform to optimize. By doing so, the rewarded user will get an exclusively customized T-shirt or baseball cap emblazoned with IDCM’s mascot – DD. At the same time, the prized user will also get BETRA worth 25 USDT if they share the picture on WeChat Moments or talk groups.

For more information, please click here:


Close Partnership with LISTNG AGENCY

Over the past two years after the establishment, Cookie (IDCM) has gradually located the alliance exchanges in many countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Dubai, UAE, etc. It has also acquired immense traffic and brand influence globally.

To better serve the genuine high-quality blockchain project and further satisfy the needs of our users, Cookie (IDCM) has formed close cooperative partnership with LISTING AGENCY to recommend and serve high-quality blockchain projects collectively to progress the industry.    


Animoji Package of DD has Officially Come Online

DD has always been the mascot and the loveliest representative of Cookie (IDCM) exchange. The little sweetie has always been adored by lots of users for its cuteness and brilliance.

Recently, our distinctive, creative and curious DD has done something novel, which is the brand-new animoji package. It is now waiting for you to pick up. Quick!

Where to pick them up?

Send “动态表情包” on our WeChat public account to get and use them.

The main content for this week is shown above. For more information, please follow our official website, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media to obtain the latest information.


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