Last week, Cookie (IDCM) exchange authorized IDCM Taiwan to set up a new alliance branch in United Arab Emirates. the platform token of IDCM Taiwan, was also listed on Cookie (IDCM) exchange……So, what did Cookie (IDCM) do this week? Let’s review.


Janice Lee has Officially Become the CEO of IDCM Exchange

On 25th October 2019, due to the requirement of group business adjustment, through the Cookie (IDCM) exchange board resolution, the former vice president Janice Lee has been officially appointed as the CEO of IDCM exchange and will be fully responsible for various work in the group such as strategic decision-making, market operation and team management. The former CEO Alex Chen will continue to guide the operation of the exchange as a board advisor.

Janice Lee

Janice Lee is one of the early evangelists in the blockchain industry, having served foreign governments for years and with over 5 years of working experience in the crypto industry. She used to work in the Ministry of Culture for Turkish government and Qatar Royal Foundation. Subsequently, she joined in the founding team of Bitreserve to take charge of the business in Asia. In May 2019, Janice Lee officially joined in Cookie (IDCM) exchange, in charge of the market operation and business management of the platform. On 25th October, Janice Lee has officially become the CEO of IDCM exchange.


Double 11 Activity in Cookie Mall, “Triple Special Offers” are Waiting for You

The e-commerce frenzy festival “Double 11 or Singles’ Day” of this year is around the corner.  From 1st to 11th November, Cookie Mall prepares “triple special offers” for a large number of users.

Special Offer One: 25% off for everything in the store;

Special Offer Two: Combined with the first offer, save extra ¥10 when the total spend is ¥149 or more in a single transaction, save extra ¥20 when it is ¥199 or more.

Special Offer Three: Save more for buying sets. Now ¥99 for a culture shirt and a baseball hat, which was ¥156; ¥89 for a culture shirt and a canvas bag, which was ¥146; ¥79 for a culture shirt and a canvas bag, which was ¥136; ¥129 for a culture shirt, a baseball hat and a canvas bag, which was ¥214.

To enjoy the discounts, entering “IDCM点心商城” on Taobao to have fun shopping.


Cookie (IDCM) Exchange Steps Forward to Exploit the Thai Market

On 29th October, Hans Miu, COO of Cookie (IDCM) exchange, was invited to bring the team to attend a closed-door blockchain conference in Thailand.

In the conference, Hans Miu said that Cookie (IDCM) exchange has been paying attention to the development of overseas markets and made satisfactory progress since its establishment. At present, Cookie (IDCM) has got enormous global influence and established the alliance branches in many nations and regions, such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Serbia.  Moreover, Hans Miu also stressed that Thailand has a huge potential of development as the land filled with investment opportunities in Southeast Asia. Next, Cookie (IDCM) Team will place the emphasis on exploiting the Thai market.

It is worth noting that Cookie (IDCM) exchange has reached cooperative agreements with several project operators in the conference. According to the agreements, GDT, CX and some other projects will be listed on Cookie (IDCM) exchange very soon.

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