“Last week, Cookie (IDCM) exchange formed cooperative partnership with the project team BGT from South Korea; The activity ‘Loads of Rewards’ on IDCM Taiwan, which was in the charge of Cookie (IDCM) team, came to an end with over 15,000 rewarded users…So, what did Cookie (IDCM) exchange do this week? Let’s review.”


Cookie Mall with Peripheral Products Officially Comes Online

On October 16th, Cookie (IDCM) exchange started to operate a store on Taobao to sell various peripheral products. Users can search “IDCM点心商城” on Taobao to find our store. Cookie Mall will offer different kinds of exclusively customized peripheral products such as mugs, canvas bags, baseball caps and T-shirts.

Picture | Homepage of Cookie Mall

Access to IDCM (Cookie)’s official mall:

1. Website:

2. Phone:

1) Click Taobao APP, Enter “IDCM点心商城”to search the store.


2) Copy “¥1AetYKuQfb0¥” on your phone to enter the mall automatically on Taobao APP.

At the same time, to better serve our users, Cookie (IDCM) has been putting emphasis on the innovation of the product and the upgrade of the service. As of Cookie Mall, in order to provide the most convenient, secure and best shopping experience for our users and other consumers, IDCM (Cookie) hereby guarantees that:

1. All of the products in Cookie Mall will be delivered for free. SF Express and Yunda are selected to provide delivery services for us, to ensure that our customers can receive the peripheral products in time.

2. Our customers can enjoy the service of returns, exchanges and refunds without providing any reason within 7 days. If our customers are not satisfied with our products or there is any quality-related problem, IDCM (Cookie) will provide satisfactory after-sale services.

3. All of our products are 100% official quality goods. Please stick to shopping on the official channel.

After Cookie Mall comes online, IDCM (Cookie) will continually list more peripheral products and give more special offers to our customers. Please keep up to date with us in Cookie Mall to participate in more related activities later on.


 The “Seek-and-Visit Grate Projects” Service is Fervent in Undertaking

To better serve our global investors and project operators, IDCM (Cookie) carries out the “Seek-and-Visit Great Projects” service. IDCM (Cookie) expects to single out the truly technically innovative value projects that can also be applied in practice for our investors, by means of in-depth visits and interviews. On October 15th, IDCM (Cookie) team got in touch with the well-known public blockchain project BGC (pan-entertainment public blockchain), to have a face-to-face interview with Mr. Huang Hua, the founder and chief architect of BGC.

Mr. Huang Hua is a prestigious master of online games. During working for Netease (NASDAQ: NTES), he has been well-known as the “Father of Journey to the West (西游之父)”, leading the development of Chinese Odyssey (《大话西游2》)  , Fantasy Journey to the West (《梦幻西游》) and many other online games. The pan-entertainment public blockchain BGC founded by him is based on the online game industry within the pan-entertainment environment. It can expand the application scenarios of pan-entertainment products. Additionally, it is equipped with solid and fundamental business logic and has huge value-added space.

Picture | Mr. Huang Hua

At present, there are so many investment categories in the field of digital currencies. More than 2,500 projects are shown on coinmarketcap alone, on which loads of others are not included. At the same time, due to such a large number of crypto projects, on the one hand, investors have groaned inwardly a lot. They may have poured a huge amount of money into air projects but suffered huge losses at the end. Or they may intend to invest great projects but totally have no idea about it; On the other hand, project operators have been very anxious as well. They may have great projects, but have no idea or money to promote them in the market. Ultimately, the projects have to vanish in the industry, making it even tougher for the project operators to get investors and financial support.  

IDCM (Cookie) expects to act as the bridge between investors and project operators. By on-the-spot visits to and interviews with different companies, IDCM (Cookie) will introduce and bring more outstanding projects to the public. For the case of Mr. Huang Hua, we will post an article next week, to make a detailed and in-depth report about his project. Welcome to follow us on our official website and WeChat Public Account “IDCM点心”.

At the same time, we also welcome more truly outstanding projects to get in touch with our official customer service, to join in our “Seek-and-Visit Grate Projects” activity to discuss the way of development in the industry together with us.

The main content for this week is shown above. For more information, please follow our official website, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media to obtain the latest information timely.


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