Last week, IDCM (also known as Cookie) president Michael Zhao attended Philippine blockchain forum and received an exclusive interview with American blockchain media Coinspace. Besides, IDCM hosted a Community Partner Salon and reached strategic partnerships with 16 well-known communities. What did the IDCM do last week? Let’s take a look.


“One-click Buy” was introduced on IDCM

IDCM has introduced “One-click Buy” service on September 18th. The service is available in Fiat Trading part and through which users can quickly buy and sell digital currency USDT, VHKD, and BTC, as well as fiat currency CNY and VND. Moreover, users who purchase digital currency which value is equivalent to 1,000 – 50,000 yuan can be exempt from transaction fees.

Picture | IDCM One-click buy coins

Currently, IDCM has reached a partnership with a third-party platform and it will be accessible to our “One-click Buy” soon. At the same time, we also welcome excellent third-party platforms to join us.


IDCM unveiled its mascot “DD”

After two months of content collection, the mascot of IDCM was finally unveiled on September 18.

Picture | IDCM Mascot “DD”

The name of the mascot is “DD(点点)” and the creation of which is inspired by the unicorn of western mythology. The unicorn has a spiral angle on its forehead and its hair color is light purple, which is also the theme color of the IDCM Alliance website. It has two white wings on its back, implying nobility, friendliness, and purity.

As a digital asset service platform, we hope to convey our commitment to dedicated services through the image of DD.

Picture | Details of DD

The main content for this week is shown above. For more information, please follow our official website, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook or other social media to obtain the latest information.


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