The existence of blockchain has not only built a real trust network for mankind, but also created some new possibilities for the development of commonweal in a new era. The question is, how can blockchain platforms and commonwealth organizations better realize value co-creation? And how can commonweal be empowered by blockchain in a better way?

On 30th August, “仁爱堂中秋花灯慈善盆菜宴 (Yan Oi Tong Mid-autumn Flower-lantern Philanthropic Poon Choi Feast)”, hosted by Yan Oi Tong, was held in Jockey Club Community of Hong Kong Yan Oi Tong and sports center. As a world-leading application platform of blockchain technology, IDCM (Cookie) exchange is the main sponsor of the event. Michael Zhao, chairman and co-founder of IDCM, participated in it and shared some commonweal cases and experiences of IDCM as a blockchain company.


Pleased to Help the Weak and Old Group, Arouse Attentions to the Solitary Elderly

IDCM always is an active participant of “乐助弱老 (Pleased to Help the Weak and Old Group)”project. At the same time, “仁爱堂中秋花灯慈善盆菜宴 (Yan Oi Tong Mid-autumn Flower-lantern Philanthropic Poon Choi Feast)”is a key component of the project.

On each Mid-autumn Eve, Yan Oi Tong would hold “仁爱堂中秋花灯慈善盆菜宴 (Yan Oi Tong Mid-autumn Flower-lantern Philanthropic Poon Choi Feast)”, organizing the old to savor the Hong Kong specialty “Poon Choi”, viewing flower-lanterns and giving them loving care fortune bags as presents. Moreover, “长者爱心卡计划 (The Elderly Loving Care Card Project)”would be conducted during the campaign, mainly to collect funds for solo-dwellers aged over 65. They can use the loving care card to enjoy a series of free services such as diet, healthcare, life care and social recreation provided by Yan Oi Tong.

In fact, this event is not a unique case of IDCM to care for the old. On Christmas Eve 2018, IDCM cooperated with the Hong Kong charity institution PHAB Community to act Santa Claus, going into hundreds of solo-dwellers’ houses in Kowloon and giving them tasty food for free.

As is known to all, due to the increasing aging tendency of population in Hong Kong, the demand for serving aged solo-dwellers in Hong Kong has been rising a lot. According to relevant data, by 2016, there had been over one million people aged over 65 in Hong Kong (15% of Hong Kong population). In addition to launching various campaigns in aid of the elderly, IDCM expects to arouse public attentions to them.


Go Hand-in-hand with Yan Oi Tong, Broaden Road of Charity

“Man-oriented, All-embracing” is a key idea of IDCM to move forward. With Yan Oi Tong, IDCM’s road of charity will be much broader.

As one of the six biggest charity institutions, Yan Oi Tong established its clinics since 1930s, providing free medical consultation and medicines, to tackle poverty and catastrophe. After Yan Oi Tong was registered as a non-profit charity group in 1977, it started to develop various service projects, having over 110 service units and millions of service staff.

Michael Zhao is not only the chairman and co-founder of IDCM exchange, but also the board chairman of Yan Oi Tong. With Michael playing his role as a bridge, IDCM and Yan Oi Tong have been advancing steadily in commonweal.

Apart from providing commonweal and medical aid, IDCM and Yan Oi Tong also pay attention to recipients’ needs for integrating into society, guiding warm-hearted social figures to directly participate in commonweal campaigns such as long-term carbon reduction, kind crowd funding and trips to the polar regions. They help strengthen social cooperation and communication, allow recipients to feel social care as well as let the public realize recipients’ efforts of self-improvement. By means of these campaigns, the public are able to have further understanding of commonweal.


Two Years of Practice, Turn Commonweal into Business

In the current era, the pursuit of KPI and different rigid expansion are the focus of many companies. But IDCM opines that social responsibility as a soft development is equally important.

As a member of society, IDCM is accountable for economic and social progress. Since established, IDCM has paid much attention to the weak group in society. IDCM aims to develop social health, promote commonweal, boost social harmonious development, actively participate in various campaigns, thereby becoming a model of socially responsible enterprise.

In retrospect, for the past two years, IDCM has been committed to commonweal and charity, giving help to nearly ten thousand people directly and around one million people indirectly in some areas like welfare, education, healthcare, sports, environmental protection, etc.

Being unique and sustainable, IDCM keeps moving forward steadily in charity and commonweal.


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