Last week, IDCM (Cookie) placed much emphasis on multi-signature cold wallet for the exchange to ensure the security of our users’ assets; It also decided to sponsor “仁爱堂中秋花灯慈善盆菜宴 (Yan Oi Tong Mid-autumn Flower-lantern Philanthropic Poon Choi Feast)”…… This week, what did IDCM (Cookie) do? Let’s review.


Listed by Market Quotation Websites coinspace and ICOHOLDER

This week, IDCM (Cookie) exchange was listed by the well-known market quotation website coinspace. At present, IDCM ranks 22nd on coinspace and the following exchanges include globally well-known Bitfinex, AllCoin and BitStamp. At the same time, IDCM (Cookie) was listed in the white list “Most Valuable Blockchain Platforms” of ICOHOLDER.

For the past two years, IDCM (Cookie) has established its alliance branches in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Dubai, etc. There has been a huge increase in the number of IDCM’s users and the brand influence has grown a lot. Here are some examples:

1. IDCM (Cookie)’s highest ranking on coinmarketcap (world’s most prestigious market quotation website) is 6th;

2. IDCM (Cookie) ranks 22nd on coinspace;

3. IDMC (Cookie) ranks 13th in the list “Most Valuable Cryptocurrency Exchanges” on Niuyan;

4. IDCM (Cookie) is listed by a series of platforms such as Korean Blockchain Association and ICOHOLDER.


New Listing of KEY

On 23rd August, IDCM (Cookie) officially listed the blockchain project KEY and opened according trading pairs: KEY/USDT, KEY/BTC, etc. Subsequently, KEY will be listed on other alliance exchanges of IDCM (Cookie).

SelfKey (KEY as the token) is a start-up blockchain company, aiming to develop the management and innovation of digital identity. SelfKey expects to use blockchain technology to protect everyone’s privacy and data to create a safer world. For more information, welcome to our website:


Enter Harbin, Exploit More Domestic Markets

On 17th August, Hans, COO of IDCM (Cookie), was invited to attend the blockchain meeting in Harbin.

During the meeting, Hand presents that 2019 is a very unusual year in the blockchain industry. For one thing, relevant regulatory issues have become clearer and the development of industry has been more normalized; For another, the high-quality emerging asset has promoted the market a lot. After the industry experienced the bullish situation, the effect of head trading platforms has become more and more evident. It will be very difficult for those exchanges to survive which lack regulatory compliance, selection capacity of high-quality assets, technical experience and business innovative ability.

Regarding IDCM (Cookie), Hans thinks regulatory compliance will be one of its core advantages. At present, IDCM (Cookie) has been placed into the Regulatory Sandbox (Hong Kong), which is the first and only one in the industry; In addition, IDCM (Cookie) holds business licences in the Philippines, Australia and Malta, which still does not work for other exchanges.


Further UI Optimization

In product technology, IDCM (Cookie) has further optimized its UI system. Here are two main points:

1. The demonstration of real-time market quotation of coins on browser tab has been achieved. Users can get the real-time market quotation on browser tab, whose update frequency is the same as that of the real-time market quotation.

2. Search box has been added to the announcement section. Users can search any announcements’ titles and contents via the search box.

The main content for this week is shown above. For more information, please follow our official website, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media to obtain the latest information timely.


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