Last week, IDCM (Cookie) mainly placed the emphasis on strengthening deposit channels, such as to communicate with cryptocurrency service companies Indacoin and Paxful respectively to seek the connection of several deposit channels; to add “Swap!” function to help users make transactions in a flash…… This week, IDCM (Cookie) has reached a strategic cooperation with some platforms to further enlarge the global service network.

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Further Partnership with Taiwan Alliance, Jointly Build Global Service Network

After three months of intensive negotiation, IDCM (Cookie) exchange has formed a closer partnership with Taiwan alliance site.

On 8th August, IDCM (Cookie) has authorized Taiwan alliance site as the only legitimate agency for IDCM in Japan. It will have all the right to the online and offline marketing, promotion and business consultation of IDCM exchange (except for IDCM Alliance Japan Exchange) under the name of “IDCM JAPAN”. At the same time, IDCM has appointed Mr. Junichiro Shiga (CEO of IDCM Taiwan) as the chief advisor of IDCM.

In the past three months, with the brand, technology and operating resources of IDCM, the market development of Taiwan alliance has made huge progress. With this opportunity, it will also establish IDCM Group platform, which is going to cooperate with IDCM to build a global service network and thereby promote the practical application of blockchain together.


Go Hand-in-Hand with British Exchange MoonX, Achieve Resources Sharing

This week, IDCM (Cookie) has reached a strategic cooperation with MoonX exchange. MoonX is headquartered in the UK, which has an immense influence in West European and South Asian markets. At the same time, MoonX has strong technical strength, whose order matching engine can reach a nanosecond-level reaction (0.07 microseconds, equivalent to 70 nanoseconds) in a test environment. In terms of matching efficiency and throughout capacity, it can surpass some traditional exchanges such as NASDAQ, LCE and LSE.

Next, IDCM (Cookie) and MoonX will deepen their partnership in dozens of aspects such as joint listing, mutual brand promotion and channels sharing.


Participated in BCT Project Roadshow and Reached Cooperation

From 4th to 6th June, Hans, COO of IDCM (Cookie) exchange, was invited to participate in the BCT project roadshow. During the meeting, Hans mainly presented the service content and cooperation cases of IDCM (Cookie), which was greatly approved by the BCT project operator.

Reportedly, BCT is a kind of digital asset that is launched based on ERC-20 protocol. By blockchain technology, it can enhance the use stickiness of terminals to merchants.

IDCM (Cookie) exchange has listed BCT at 15:00 on 6th August and opened the trading business of BCT/USDT. Next, BCT will deepen the partnership with IDCM (Cookie) to further cooperate in terms of market exploitation, brand promotion, etc. Let’s wait and see.

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