Last week, after thoughtful planning, IDCM (Cookie) had a new official website and initially offered the new coin REXC; Janice, vice president of IDCM (Cookie), was invited to attend CET Public Blockchain and Ecology Fan Meeting……So, what did IDCM (Cookie) do this week? Let’s sum up.

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Accomplish Cooperative Intention with Simplex, Open Access for Credit Card Payment

On 18th July, IDCM (Cookie) exchange team had a great meeting with the Israel payment company Simplex. Simplex is a payment company that focuses on fraud-free payment processing, whose partners include Binance, Kucoin, etc.

Picture | IDCM (Cookie) Team Met the Business Director from Simplex (First from Right)

To respond to the demands of B-end alliance clients and C-end platform users, IDCM (Cookie) team sets an agenda for opening access for credit card payment. Prior to that, IDCM (Cookie) had been looking for relevant cooperation many times. During this meeting, both parties have accomplished the cooperative intention. It is believed that, in the near future, users of IDCM can buy cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, etc. and different kinds of fiats using their credit cards and debit cards conveniently. We’ll see.


Prepare for Establishing Turkish Site

In the beginning of this month, IDCM (Cookie) reached the cooperation with Turkish community and officially established IDCM official Turkish community. After efforts of the community, the establishment of Turkish site is ongoing well. Hopefully, the alliance trading website will complete technological deployment and be online in the middle of August.

Picture | Status of Citizens Owning Cryptocurrencies Globally

In recent years, Turkish people have increasingly accepted cryptocurrencies. According to findings by ING, 18% of Turkish people own cryptocurrencies. Turkey also is the country with the highest cryptocurrency possession rate, which is much more than European people (9%). To better serve Turkish investors, IDCM (Cookie) will launch a Turkish version as well as support Turkish Lira. At that time, Turkish users can make crypto transactions using Turkish Lira.


Conduct Generation of Operating Business for Taiwan Alliance

On 19th July, by mutual agreement, IDCM (Cookie) Taiwan alliance authorized its generation of operating to IDCM (Cookie) team. Next, IDCM (Cookie) will provide a series of integral operation services such as conference organization, basic R&D, flow operation, brand promotion, data monitor, etc. and data system services.

At present, with the maturity of the industry, the operation of exchange has converted from the current extensive operation to refinement operation, which requires the professional operating capability and effective coordination with experienced teams. IDCM (Cookie) team has rich experience in operating cryptocurrency exchanges. They can help partners access data accurately by means of technology to make professional judgement and analysis, aiding clients in increasing the operation effectiveness from details to entirety.

Picture | IDCM Taiwan Negotiating Operation Business with IDCM Official


Reached Strategic Cooperation with CXC Public Blockchain in Depth

On 16th July, invited by CXC public blockchain, the business director of IDCM (Cookie) attended the first global tour of its marketing activity. On the spot, CXC reached a cooperative intention with IDCM (Cookie) and hopefully will put IDCM (Cookie) online by late July.


List EOA + IBC

This week, IDCM (Cookie) listed two new coins IBC and EOA. IDCM (Cookie) opened the trading business of IBC/USDT at 15:00 on 16th July and EOA/USDT at 15:00 on 17th July. For more information, welcome to IDCM (Cookie) official website to know more about it.

Picture | IBC Launch on IDCM Exchange


Further Optimization of Page System

In product technology, IDCM (Cookie) has further optimized the backend system and page system, including:

Picture | Currency Search Function Added

1. The searching box for coins has been added on the top left of the trading page. The one on the introduction page of the homepage still remains.

2. On the C2C function page, the reminder of limitation to listing prices was added. When users are entering prices, the system can examine if they are over the limits, which can effectively prevent malicious listing.

3. On the backend of alliance website, KYC operation function was optimized, which makes KYC verification more convenient for alliance merchants.

The main content for this week is shown above. For more information, please follow our official website, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media to obtain the latest information timely.


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