By community discussions and online voting, “点心”(Cookie) was confirmed to be IDCM’s Chinese name; Moreover, IDCM (Cookie) conducted the training for the two alliance sites of IDCM (Cookie) in Estonia and ICEEX respectively. So, what did IDCM (Cookie) do this week? Let’s review.

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Cookie Brand Upgraded, Launch Brand New Slogan

After “点心 (Cookie)” was confirmed to be IDCM exchange’s Chinese name last week, this week, Cookie brand has been ungraded to have a brand new slogan “交易用点心 赚钱不操心(Easy Trading, Happy Earning)”. As a new and competitive role in the field of exchange, within 2 years, the number of registered users on Cookie has been over 1 million and the 24-hour volume of trading reached $800 million. At the same time, Cookie ranks one of Top 15 exchanges by

Picture | Heated Discussions In Communities About Which Slogan To Use

With the push of industrial changes and new technological permeation, Cookie seizes the opportunity to upgrade the brand continually.

Janice, vice president of Cookie exchange, thinks the brand upgrade shows a clear planning of future strategy made by Cookie. She explains, by team superiority, Cookie exchange hopes to allow users to buy potential currencies by accurate visions and offering attentive services. This is not only a requirement set for us, but also a demand for more users at this stage.


Determine Initial Intention of Cooperation with Turkish Community

Recently, Turkish community has found Cookie and intended to help promote Cookie in Turkey and operate the official Turkish community. This week, IDCM Official Turkish Community was officially established.

Limited to the national economic downturn and depreciation of YTL, Turkish citizens tend to own cryptocurrencies. According to findings by ING, 18% of Turkish people own cryptocurrencies, which is much more than European people (9%). With the establishment of IDCM Official Turkish Community, it is believed that an increasing number of Turkish people can experience a better financial service in terms of cryptocurrency.

Picture | Status of Citizens Owning Cryptocurrencies Globally


Enhance Database Services of Alliance Sites, Increase Some Database Servers

After establishing the first alliance branch in Vietnam in November 2017, Cookie has located alliance branches in Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Dubai, Estonia and other countries and regions. To satisfy the constantly increasing numbers of alliances and users visits, Cookie tech team added a new database server on 5th July, which will provide more convenient and stable data services for more alliance branches.

Steven Fang, technical director of Cookie, thinks the storage and read of network data need a powerful database service to hold. After adding new database servers, when there are many visitors on our website, they can process multiple events by parallel operating system; Moreover, database servers can separate data management and process work from clients to make the computer resource allocation in the network more flexible. Such a way can decrease network costs and the competition between resources to avoid deadlock and rationalize database resource allocation.


Alliance UI Optimization Completed, Better Customization

Since this May, Cookie has been doing a drastic reform, whose key point is to optimize Cookie’s and its alliances’ official website. By our teamwork and nearly one-month work overtime, Cookie official website ( has been optimized successfully and will be officially listed this week.

We know that, compared to the stand-alone design of Huobi, OKEx, etc., Cookie Alliance gives stronger autonomy to their alliance members. Only a domain name can simply achieve visual information like platform Logo and front-end interface, etc. and customized autonomous operation like autonomous listing and trading pairs, etc. However, after the upgrade, Alliance website has a stronger customization and will provide more cost-effective services for alliance clients. Welcome all of you to experience!


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