On 28th June, after a heated discussion in the community and online voting, IDCM’s Chinese name officially was confirmed as 点心(Cookie). It is one more demonstration of our community will.


Recently, in every community on IDCM, we have received many hopes that we can further develop the localization of our Chinese community. Many users have been voluntarily discussing the Chinese naming of IDCM.

To adjust the demand of Chinese users, IDCM initiated an activity of naming IDCM in Chinese and selected the seven most acceptable Chinese names as choices based on the previous discussions on our communities.

Ultimately, “点心(Cookie)” was voted to be the most popular Chinese name (34% ) for IDCM.


By the innovation of product and pattern, IDCM has always been a back horse in the field of digital currency transaction.

As the first founder of the alliance of exchanges, after establishing the first alliance branch in Vietnam, IDCM has located alliance branches in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, the Philippine’s, Dubai, Estonia, South Africa and other countries and regions. Moreover, IDCM Canada, IDCM Abu Dhabi and IDCM New York would be set up very soon. Due to the increase in the number of alliances, IDCM ranks Top 15 in the list of Coinmarketcap exchange.

Because of the continual establishment of alliance branches and ongoing elaborate operation, the brand cognition of IDCM has been increased to a large extent for Chinese users.

To better serve Chinese users and adapt their using habits, it is imperative for IDCM to have a catchy Chinese name which also matches our traits.

After fully investigating our global users, “点心(Cookie)” has been finally confirmed to be IDCM’s Chinese name.

Thank you all for your attention and participation in the naming activity of IDCM

Without your support

The occurrence of ”点心(Cookie)“ would have been impossible

IDCM is sincerely grateful for all of our supportive fans

With your support and accompany

We can have the strongest motivation to step forward


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