Last week, IDCM held the first training for Taiwan alliance and listed the official website. For product, IDCM confirmed the revision plan of UI. This week, what did ICDM do? Let’s review.

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First Listing of KEC on IDCM Booming 2100%

On June 25th (HKT), KEC lunched on IDCM for first listing, and once the trading pair KEC/USDT was opened at 18:00, it boomed 2100% rapidly. Within 5 minute, the trading volume hit 200,000 USDT. By 18:30, the rising percentage of price maintained at around 500%.

Picture | KEC’s First Launch Booming 2100%


Prized Activity of Naming IDCM in Chinese

Recently, in every community on IDCM, we have received many hopes that we can further develop the localization of our Chinese community. Many users have been voluntarily discussing the Chinese naming of IDCM.

To respond the passionate communities and users, IDMC selected the 7 most acceptable Chinese names according to the discussion and held a prized activity to vote for the best Chinese name for IDCM. As a result, “点心(Cookie)”ranked first (34.17%) .

Picture | 34.21% of Users Vote for “点心 (Cookie)”


Estonia + ICEEX Alliance Training

In the beginning of this month, IDCM received the partners from Estonia and held the first alliance training. This week, IDCM received them again and held the training for the second training. It was mainly related to background operation, safety and risk management, operation experience, business negotiation, etc. and emphasized the experience of market cap management for exchange.

Compared to other exchanges, IDCM owns a core advantage of strong market cap management. IDCM has a professional team of financial trading. The members are elites from Wall street’s investing banks, including from Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Investment Banking of Deutsche Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), etc. They can provide 360° and 24/7 professional financial trading services for our partners.

Picture | Traders are Having the Training of Market Cap Management for Our Clients from Estonia

During the same period, we also had a training for ICEEX alliance branch. By step-by-step training, we hoped to help them get familiar with the business of exchange rapidly and boost the practical application of blockchain in their regions.

Picture | The Scene of Training ICEEX


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