After the early month of training for Estonia site, this week, IDCM did the training for Taiwan Alliance as well. Meanwhile, IDCM Taiwan Alliance launched. What are the highlights of this week? Let’s check it out!

1.Training for IDCM Taiwan Complete

From June 19th to June 20th, the IDCM Taiwan team visited IDCM office for training. Janice Lee, the vice president of IDCM and the team did warmly reception. Also, IDCM did training for IDCM Taiwan, which includes IDCM technology, backend operation, marketing, security risk management, and business development.

With the support of IDCM team, the Taiwan Alliance has made a lot of gains. Meanwhile, they are looking forward to further cooperation.

2.IDCM Taiwan Alliance Launched

Speaking of Taiwan Alliance training, meanwhile, the IDCM Taiwan Alliance site launched officially, learn more at:

IDCM Taiwan Site launched

3.New UI Design of IDCM Alliance is Confirmed
In August last year, the IDCM Automated Exchange Alliance website was officially launched. IDCM Alliance will provide more autonomy to the alliance members, as long as they have a domain name, they can have their own digital asset exchange, which allows them to customize the visual information like logo and frontend appearance, also the personalized autonomous operation like self coin-listing and trading.

Original UI Design of IDCM Alliance Web

Big news is that IDCM is going to face the audience with a new pretty face! The new UI design of IDCM Alliance is confirmed this week, and it’s the branding new IDCM will launch in the early July.

New UI Design of IDCM Alliance Web

4.Attending the First W07 Technology Beyond Boundaries World Dream Cruise Carnival

From June 14th to 16th, at the invitation of the organizer, Hans, the COO of IDCM participated in the first W07 Technology Beyond Boundaries World Dream Cruise Carnival. Hans had a deep talk with elites in the industry and experts from more than 30 countries around the world about the topic of IMABCDE.

IDCM COO Hans Attended the Event

“The digitalization of assets is developing at a high speed, and the market demand for digital asset trading is also expanding. As the first exchange to advocate exchange alliance in the world, IDCM Exchange is now ranking at the top 16 in the worlds. IDCM will work hard with industrial colleagues to develop the digital economy and continuously provide better services to users and blockchain project parties.” said Hans.

IDCM COO Hans Did Sharing


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