Earlier this month, IDCM announced it has received strategic investments from professional institutional investors including Alpha Square Group and Precursor Management Inc. On 7th December, IDCM Chairman Michael Zhao and President Leo Liu had a meeting with five companies including Marathon, a Nasdaq-listed company, Shenkman, an international institutional investor, Alpha Point, a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform, and Vertalo, a provider of digital currency compliance services. Deals were struck with the respective parties, and each party left with a clear picture of how to navigate the turbulent market leveraging each others strengths.

“Without a doubt crypto is going through some challenging times,” notes IDCM Chairman Michael Zhao. ‘The key to surviving this market downturn is to make the most of an enterprise’s advantages and keep improving its core product and services.  

So how could IDCM have attracted investments from so many top institutional investors amid such a harsh winter for the blockchain industry?

A seasoned, experienced team from traditional finance

Investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are often referred to as “the Kings of Wall Street”. The financial resources they control are massive enough to influence the global capital markets. Investment banking elites are one of the groups that are most sensitive to market trends. The core members of the IDCM team are without exception ex-Wall Street investment banking veterans.

A good example is Michael Zhao, Chairman of IDCM. Once a derivatives trader at UBS Investment bank, after which he joined the State Administration of Foreign Exchange to serve as portfolio manager. Michael also held management positions at China Merchants Bank and Intesa Sanpaolo. Altogether he has over 15 years of experience in financial investment and wealth management.

In 2017, Michael teamed up with Alex Chen and Leo Liu, the former a senior trading director at ASX and the latter a director at UBS Hong Kong, as well as a group of blockchain experts to build IDCM. In addition to the above-mentioned founding members, IDCM also boasts a team of elites with backgrounds in famous investment banks and hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. These experts of different fields provide invaluable intellectual support for IDCM’s development and expansion.

Viable Products and Business Model

IDCM also stands out for its products and business model.

The world’s first exchange alliance: IDCM is the first digital currency exchange to build an exchange alliance. By sharing liquidity among its alliance exchanges, IDCM is able to provide investors with more accurate market information. IDCM alliance exchanges can now be found in a dozen of emerging digital currency markets including South Korea, Vietnam, Dubai, Singapore and Taiwan.

A complete product ecosystem: The IDCM ecosystem comprises a digital currency exchange with a STO board, a digital wallet, a one-stop STO issuance platform and many more. Having obtained licensing in Australia, IDCM is currently under talks with regulators in countries such as Malta and Vietnam, striving to achieve compliance in more jurisdictions.

A wide range of financial services: IDCM currently offers include C2C trading, fiat to token trading, US dollar deposits and withdrawals, spot trading, margin trading and leverages. This wide range of services can meet the needs of investors of different types.

From talents and platform to technology and legal compliance, IDCM is arguably one of the best choices to partner with. This is the true reason that allows it to survive and thrive amid a market winter.


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